PhD course


Soil sensors - Theory and Application


6 - 12 June 2016


at Aarhus University, Department of Agroecology,

Research Centre Foulum (AU-Foulum), Viborg

Dear course participant,


The course will take place from Monday 6 June to Sunday 12 June, 2016 in meeting room 2.


Course organisers


Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Tel: +45 8715 7748


Anton Thomsen

Tel: +45 8715 7715



 The course fee is 400 Euro.

  1. -The course starts 8:15 and you’ll have to arrange your own transportation to Foulum in the morning. It is possible to take either bus # 62 (from Viborg Bus Station 07:38) or bus # 750 (from Viborg Bus Station  07:40), see

·         Transport back to Viborg after the course day will be arranged.

·         Transport back and forth Viborg during the weekend (12 – 13 March) will be arranged.

·         If you need accommodation in Viborg during the course, it is your own responsibility to arrange it. Accommodation is NOT included in the course fee. See some options:

·         Oasen Bed and Breakfast

·         Klosterpensionen

·         DanHostel

·         Lunch and coffee/tea during the course day is included in the course fee, but dinners in the evening are NOT included in the course fee, except for the social evening.

·         One social event incl. dinner during the week will be arranged and is included in the course fee.

Accommodation, dinner and lunch is not included in the course fee.


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