Guidelines how to find Danhostel Vandrehjem Ishøj Strand:

You can look at their homepage in English – copy the following (very long) link into your browser:*qg2MlJlDiNRFAS3652450232&sid=6038402b2d68169050adc6c39d2d11d6&dva=0&lang=en-gb

You can also look at the Danish travel guide: and depending on where you come from, you can write e.g. ‘Copenhagen Airport’ and then Ishøj St. (if you don’t have an ‘ø’ on your keyboard then it corrects itself from Ishoj to Ishøj and then choose ‘st.’ meaning station).

If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport, we advise you to take the metro from the airport to Nørreport and from there go from the metro station to the S-train-station (they are connected). Take the train to ‘Ishøj Station’. It is the A-line in the direction ‘Køge’ and it takes about 30 minutes to reach Ishøj St.

If you arrive at Copenhagen Central Station, it is very easy: go to the S-train platforms and take line A in the direction ‘Køge’ and about 20 minutes later you are at Ishøj Station.

When you come to Ishøj St. there is a few hundred meters to the Danhostel so it should be possible to walk. Alternatively there is a bus with (number 300S) outside the station building, and it is only one stop from the station.

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