NOVA Ph.D.course: Sustainability assessment in farming and food systems – organic, conventional and beyond


In September, a SOAR- NOVA summer course with focus on sustainability assessments. We will introduce theories and practices of assessing and improving the sustainability of today’s changing agricultural and food systems, and the course participants will discuss this as well as conceptual frameworks, principles and regulations influencing current agricultural and food system policies and their practical application. We have invited guest teachers with a very deep and broad knowledge on the aspects of environmental, economic, social and institutional sustainability, such as Stephen Morse, Karen Refsgaard, Niels Halberg, Niels Heine Kristensen and Hans Herren. The latter was one of the main drivers behind the IAASTD report in 2008, and he is strongly involved in a Rio+20-initiative supported by a number of strong Global movements, focusing on more sustainable food and farming systems. The course is being held at Ishøj Vandrehjem, close to Copenhagen.

On the program, we have topics such as:

-          Sustainability frameworks

-          Ecological and economic sustanainability

-          Various aspects of sustainability seen from Global perspectives

-          Sustainability and democracy initiatives, advocacy and against corruption

-          Strengthened community participation and sustainability





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